Group 7

The Polis or Poleis (pl.)

To understand the uses of the Polis it is important to know what constituted one. A Polis (or city-state) was the amalgamation of counrty farms & villages controlled by a singular city which would take responsibility for the production, distribution and protection of the resources emassed by the subsidiary workers spread throughout the territory. With a centeral government to collect and store produce the prolitariate, in times of poor cultivation or after a nieghbouring faction warred with them, always had a steady source of nourishment and the bourgeoisie were fed comfortably. However, Poleis (the plural of Polis) were not entirely independant as they relied on one and other for commerce as well as calling on eachother in times of strife. This delicate balancing act of the the Greek city states would be tested time and time again as one fought for supremacy over the other and old vengences burned.

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