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Linear A

An ancient system of writing not yet deciphered inscribed on clay tablets, pottery and other objects found at Minoan sites on Crete and other Greek islands. Linear A was discovered by Arthur Evans and is approximately dated from 1850-1400 BC.
Linear A was a writing system devised by the Minoans and its use peaked between 1625-1450. It is distinguished from linear B which was a later script. It was used on wax tablets for trading, and also on temples, palaces and places of religious worship. Linear A was written from left to right, and consisted of simple characters with over 70 syllabic characters and 200 logograms.


The name associated with an originator or ancestor of a colony or a settlement, most associated with gods and heroes. This was most commonly seen with Apollo, Heracles and demes of Attica.


A trireme is a warship that was used in battles, wars and expeditions in archaic times. They were used in the battle of Salamis (480 BC) between the Persians and the Greeks, in the Sicilian expedition (415-413 BC) and in the sea battle of Alalia (540 BC) On both sides of the ship there were two sets of rowers one above the other, the boats were wooden and had to be easily manoeuvrable they would also have a sail. In battles they were used to sink enemy ships by ramming them damaging the ships.

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