Group 2


- The colony, localized on the hill of San Bartolo di Marcellina, along the river Lao in the bay of Scalea, was founded by survivors from Sybaris after the destruction of the city in 510 BC. Nearby was the heroon of Dracon, a companion of Odysseus. At the end of the 5th cent. BC L. was conquered by the Lucani. Here the bloody battle between the Italiot League and the Lucani took place in 389 BC.

Definition of Hippeis:

- Hippeis were specific warriors who went into battle on horseback. it was rare to see them as horses were mainly used as transportation between areas as there was limited supply of horses in most areas around Greece. They did not play a substantial role in warfare.

Definition of Phalanx:

- the term Phalanx was used profoundly in Homeric epics such as 'The Iliad'. The term was used to describe a battle-line or lined section of an army.

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