Aristophanes was an Athenian comic poet, who was active during the 5th and 4th centuries BC.



There are 11 complete surviving plays by Aristophanes, although we know of 45 titles in total. Aristophanes' first play, Daitales, was produced in 427 BC.

Several of Aristophanes' plays were staged by others, including: Callistratus (Daitales, Babylonioi, Acharnians, Birds, Lysistrata), Philonides (Proagon, Wasps, Amphiaraos, Frogs).

The dates of the surviving plays (if known) are:

Acharnians - 425 BC
Knights - 424 BC
Clouds (original) - 423 BC
Wasps - 422 BC
Peace - 421
Birds - 414 BC
Lysistrata - 411 BC
Thesmophoriazusae - 411 BC
Frogs - 405 BC
Ekklesiazusae - c. 392 BC
Wealth (second) - 388 BC


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