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Instructions for using the wiki

As you will know, each week there is a term for each group to define.

Each group has a page, which you can find by using the search bar on the left-hand side of the page.

On the page there are two things you should do:

  1. Working with your group, come up with a definition for the terms each week. To edit the page, click on "edit this page" along the bar at the top. I've set up a format that allows you to clearly mark each definition: put the title of the term in bold with the definition below; then create a dividing horizontal line (there is a button that does this for you on the edit page, found on the far left of the second row) to differentiate between each definition.
  2. Create a tag for each new definition. On the page (and *not* in the editor) there is a button at the bottom right that says "tag". Click that and a text bar will appear, where you can enter tags for each definition. This makes it easier for everyone to find whatever definition they are looking for, creating a more collaborative environment.

Things you may want to do now:

Other templates:

Goals of the wiki template:

  • Create a wiki template that is closely inspired by Wikimedia
  • But much cooler, of course ;-)

See the blog post to read more.

These are the wiki articles:

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